Hustle Like a Refugee (Inspired by Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt) – Samotivation Podcast Episode 8

Immigrants are 3 times more likely to become millionaires than Americans are. Facts.

That’s just one of the things that I learned from Grant Cardone’s ‘Hustle Like an Immigrant’ episode (below). Grant says that immigrants are 3 times more likely to become millionaires than Americans are? I will go farther than that and say that: Refugees are 6 time more likely to become millionaires than the people whose countries they flee to, running from war, bloodshed, starvation, and poverty.

That’s right! Refugees are more likely to succeed than those living in their own countries. It seems that the most marginalized peoples and communities end up becoming the most successful, such as African Americans, Jews, Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Armenians, Indians, Africans, Asians, Latin Americans and other refugees and immigrants from marginalized backgrounds.

Basically, those who history has done the most damage to or attempted to erase from itself, through genocide, slavery, the pillaging of resources (both material and human) and forced migration. Those people are more likely to become millionaires when they go to a new country, than the people in that country itself are.

The immigrant/refugee mentality has made these people so successful and that is what Grant Cardone talks about in his CardoneZone episode.
More about this later and in this new episode.

Let me tell you a bit about Grant Cardone, who inspired this episode.

Grant Cardone is an NYT best-selling author, sales expert, might I say Sales GOD! , world-renowned speaker, real estate mogul and someone who made it from ZERO to almost a BILLION dollars in real estate holdings. That’s a lot of cash money!

Grant (or Uncle G as many call him) is someone that I respect a lot because of what he has been able to achieve and make out of himself despite all the odds stacked against him (losing his father at the age of 10, losing his brother 10 years later, a severe drug and alcohol addiction, being raised by a single mom and being broke and scared all the time, labeled ADD, ADHD, OCD and more. He was constantly told by ‘professionals’ and family to chill out, calm down, relax and take it easy. Sounds very familiar 😀

I’ve been told similar things: “Relax, Sami.”, “Good things take time, Sami!”, “You are too young and naive and inexperienced. Be patient.”, “You have an attitude problem. You think you are better than everybody else.” and etc. I see some things in Grant that I can relate to a lot.

To give you a sense of this guy’s mindset, let’s look at some of his book titles (You can get all of these audiobooks FOR FREE with this exclusive Samotivation link just for you! All you have to do is register for the free trial!)

– If You’re Not First, You’re Last
– Be Obsessed or Be Average
– The 10X Rule
(the basic idea of this book is that to achieve a goal, you must set it at 10X the initial goal to make it happen. 10X the goal, 10X the effort and 10X the determination will make your goal possible. What a powerful idea to live your life by!)

I learned from him that 40% of America’s most successful companies were founded by immigrants or their kids. I wonder what makes these people so successful? Why were they able to succeed against all odds and why are they more likely to become millionaires than Americans themselves are?

They don’t speak the language and when they do, they get mocked for their accent or the mistakes they make. They don’t understand the culture. They don’t know the values of the country, the roads, they have no family or friends there, they are basically going into unknown territory. How do they make it so far in life then?

He says it is because of their NEVER QUIT, NEVER COMPLAIN, NEVER WHINE, WHATEVER-IT-TAKES mentality.

I couldn’t agree more. They out-hustle locals. They do all the things that we, as locals, don’t want to do and I have seen this in Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, Canada, the US, Qatar, the UAE, Lebanon and more. They outwork us and they do bigger things than we do. Why?

To quote Meek Mill (you can play the song below!):
I’m the type to count a million cash then grind like I’m broke
That Lambo, my new bitch, she’ll ride like my Ghost
I’m ridin’ around my city with my hands strapped around my toes
‘Cause these niggas want me dead and I gotta make it back home
‘Cause my momma need that pill money and my son need some milk

For them, making money is not about proving something to somebody. It’s not about flashing a Rolex at a club or to family and friends, it’s not about pulling up in a luxury Italian car to show off, it’s not about flashy useless designer clothing. It all comes down to their thirst for survival. Making money for them is about survival. Being successful for them is being able to survive. To eat. To put bread on the table for themselves and those that they love. And they will do this at all costs. This is the refugee mentality. This is how to hustle like a refugee.

They equate achieving their goal with their survival! Let me repeat that again. They equate themselves making that goal happen with them surviving. And in many cases that is the reality. They need to make it to survive.

“My momma need that pill money and my son need some milk.” My mama back home is relying on me and what I can send her back home. My son needs some milk. What more is there to say?

Let me just say that this podcast is not about creating a distinction between a local, immigrant or refugee. This is about acquiring the refugee mindset and the edge that refugees have over all of us, regardless of where you come from: their thirst and their need to succeed at all costs. The only way to guarantee that you achieve your goals. And you don’t need to be a refugee to hustle like one. This is all about your mindset and what is takes for you to succeed: The Refugee Mindset. So hustle, like a refugee!

Hope you enjoy today’s episode!

With Love and Respect,