Why Excuses are BS! (and why I should stop making this podcast!) – Samotivation Podcast Episode 15

PLEASE DON’T CRY! I’m obviously not going to stop making this podcast. Wipe away those tears 😛

WADDUP Samotination!?

THIS is the Samotivation go-to-bed-better-than-you-woke-up podcast with your host Sami Wehbe! Today’s podcast is about excuses. Why I shouldn’t do this. Why I shouldn’t do that. And all the reasons that you will fail doing something you KNOW you should be doing.

This is episode we will take a look at the many excuses that you have so you can realize just what utter BS they are! Excuses are liars. Even bigger liars than friggin politicians are! I shouldn’t be hating on policy-makers since I studied politics.. but maybe that’s why I hate politics and politicians so much. Nevermind. Let’s get back to the point.

Today I will be giving you a glimpse into the many excuses and self-doubt that I had when I first came up with the idea of this podcast and what you can learn from my experience and even know.. why I shouldn’t continue this podcast, but will do it anyway 🙂

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The Richest Man in Babylon (by George Samuel Clason) One of my favorite books on money management and how to save and multiply your money! It’s written in the form of a fable that takes place in Babylon. This is one of the most popular books among bankers and the finance community.

Today, I will share the many excuses I had when I first had the idea of creating this podcast and what you can learn from my experience.

Samoticabulary (oh yeeee word-play game strong!) Word of the week! Because a better you, starts with a better vocabulary! And being to amaze everybody in the room with your long list of fancy ass vocabulary words that no one will understand but you.. and maybe that snobby 4.5 GPA, Harvard Graduate whose grandfather has an entire hall named after him on campus!

RIGAMAROLE. Spelled r-i-g-a-m-a-r-o-l-e

What does it mean!?

  1. any long complicated procedure (bureauracy)
  2. a set of incoherent or pointless statements; garbled nonsense, i.E BULLSHIT!

Sami hates listening to friggin’ rigamarole. (Damn right he does!) Especially when people come up with a list of excuses as to why they are not living the life they want/why they are unhappy/dissatisfied/bitter (and insert whatever negative pessimistic feeling a human being can have.


Hope you enjoy this episode! 

I love you, Samotination!

With Respect,