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Bullying is a very important topic and one we believe should be addressed more. In this LIVE video podcast, we talked about our experiences with bullying in school, why bullies bully others, how to respond to a bully and mental health and wellbeing as a whole. Enjoy!

You can listen to the audio podcast or see the LIVE video for yourself today. Part 1 and 2 below!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Why the TGIF Mentality (THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY) Keeps You Average and Gives You Diarrhea!

Thank God it’s Friday! OMG weekend. FRIYAY! TGIF!!

Let’s add other acronym to the above. STFU PLS.



Allow us to take an empirical approach to breaking down the TGIF mentality. Ready for an experiment? Did you put your protective goggles and gloves on? This could be some highly explosive and flammable stuff we are dealing with right now! We might have to apply water to the burned area here.

I hate 3/4 of my life!

Let’s assume you work from Monday to Friday and get two days off. This is how a typical week looks like to an average Joe or Joette:

Monday – Back to work after the weekend 🙁

Tuesday – After Monday 🙁

Wednesday – Hump day. Getting closer to Friday, but still 🙁

Thursday – One day before Friday :I

Friday – TGIF! Last day of the week OMG! 🙂

Saturday – Weekend 🙂

Sunday – Still weekend 🙂 but not for long! Back to work tomorrow, so…  🙁

Note: You can shuffle these around depending on where you are in the world. In Qatar, the equivalent of a Friday in America is a Thursday and the equivalent of an American Sunday is a Saturday. Same same as they say in Qatar!

So after my comprehensive research and mathematical calculations (I failed Calculus in uni and withdrew the second time around btw! :D), we discover that you hate 5/7 days of your life each week and only enjoy 2 (the weekend).

So that means that you spend about ¾ of your life in anticipation of a third. In other words, you hate the majority of your life! You hate your job, your career, your university and where you are in life. That’s even sadder than the above week breakdown. Now is the time to apply water to the burned area 🙁

You have to earn the right to say TGIF. If you worked your ass off that week and gave it your all then you can say TGIF. But for the most part, looking back at the week that passed we all know that we could have done so much more than we did. So none of us have earned the right to say TGIF. I include myself in that equation.

2) You do the minimum, yet expect the maximum.

Minimum effort = maximum results? That’s not how it works and you don’t need an A in calculus to understand this mathematical and logical fallacy (said the guy who failed Calculus). You expect to do the minimum with as little effort as possible and want to reap massive rewards. It sounds great when you think about it? But we both know that this is not how things work. If you want amazing results then you have to put as much effort into what you are doing as possible. 10X FTW! Imagine planting a seed that needs a liter of water every day (okay. It’s an exaggerated amount. A liter will probably kill the plant, but let’s assume that it needs a liter of water every day. Hey. Listen. I ain’t Old MacDonald. I don’t have a farm). So back to our seed, it needs a liter of water every day to grow into a beautiful tree with little birdies chirping on it. However, the TGIF mentality whispers into your ear seductively: “Hey… How YOU doin’? This is TGIF… Did you miss me? How about just watering the plant with as little effort as possible. Just use that 250ml cola bottle over there. That’s all you need!”

Do this for 5 years and your little seed, has turned into a raisin that was probably eaten by a squirrel or rat and now turned into organic compost 🙁 Speaking of shitty situations btw…

3) TGIF gave me diarrhea

By TGIF, I mean the restaurant, as well as the mentality. Yes, I got food poisoning from TGI Fridays, as did 2 of my friends. Both the restaurant and the mentality gave me diarrhea. Physical and mental diarrhea. I was not satisfied with the quality, nor the quantity of my output (this sentence has many layers to it 😀 ) In other words, the TGIF mentality (and restaurant) gave me shitty results that I was not happy with and this caused me a lot of pain in my life (literally).

So what did I learn from this experience? First off, I am never gonna eat at TGI Fridays and I am never gonna feed myself the TGIF mentality because it made my life very shitty and meaningless.

So, Sami what’s the solution?

Change TGIF to TGIM!

Take back the 3/4 of your life that you lost because you hate it! Embrace Mondays! Switch up your attitude at work, at uni and wherever else that you are. It all comes down to mentality. Once you change your mentality, your entire life will change! Then when it does, contact me!  Don’t waste 5 days of the week being unhappy so you can be happy for just 2 days. Always be happy and grateful!

Hope you guys enjoy this episode!

With Love,


What a month of Karate has taught me – Samotivation Podcast Episode 9

– “Come on, Sami! GET UP! ONE MORE!!! DON’T QUIT!” says Sami’s Karate Sensei as Sami lies on the ground hyperventilating.

– “You can’t do it. You’ll never make it. Give up already. You are not as good as the others anyway. You are just a white belt noob. Who do you think you’re kidding, man?” – uninvited, Sami’s brain replies.

– “STFU! YES I CAN! WATCH ME! GET OUT OF MY WAY, BRAIN!” Sami’s body feels like it’s going to give out soon and yet somehow manages to pull through and do the exercise/stretch/punch/kick through SHEER WILLPOWER.

Damn son. I didn’t know my brain could limit me and at the same time push me towards my goals. Powerful epiphany. Take some time to think about it.

You can use your brain in any way you want to. You can choose to let it limit you and make excuses or you can change your limiting beliefs, push through and tell friggin Obstacle Mountain to get out of the damn way, so you can achieve your goals.

A typical Karate session goes like this: me being exhausted, sweaty, hyperventilating and about to give up; to me doing it and surprising myself with how I was able to!

The benefits of Karate go far beyond the time you spend in the dojo. This is something I realized after a month of attending Karate classes. An hour of training does not just make you a better fighter and increase your flexibility, agility and strength; it makes you a stronger and more confident human being, i.e:

Karate (and other martial arts) make you a better person.

A bold claim to make, isn’t it?

Let me explain why.

Martial arts is more than just learning a few kicks, punches and throws. Martial arts is about bringing out the strength, power and confidence that lay dormant inside each and every one of us, and have been eager to come out and show you (and the world) how amazing and powerful you really are. Karate teaches pacifism. Not aggression.

Seems like a paradox, in it?!

Karate is a combat sport afterall. If executed with enough force, a karate punch or a kick could actually kill your opponent. So, karate gives you the ability to kill. However, with the ability to kill comes the responsibility to protect others (even those who try to hurt you).

If an attacker were to approach you with a knife or a gun, karate doesn’t teach you to hurt them, but to disarm them and disengage them from combat by knocking the murder weapon out of their hands and demobilizing them through a body lock, kick or punch so that you minimize harm to not only yourself but to them as well.

Which leads me to the first thing that I learned from Karate:


You might acquire superhuman strength, but that doesn’t make you powerful.

What determines a person’s strength is not their power, but their self-control and their ability to respond with the right amount of force (which could mean no force at all) in any given situation.

In the case of physical assault, sometimes a physical response is necessary to protect yourself. A good punch or knockout kick in the face is usually enough to disarm an attacker. Karate can teach you how to do that very well! 😀

However, sometimes by avoiding a confrontation and not responding to taunts/slander you have already won the fight, i.e. you used less force than the person who tried to taunt you. Let them wear themselves out with all the BS they are throwing your way and saying about you. Remember that when they point a finger at you, they have four fingers pointing back at them. Everything they say and do will go back to them, call it karma, God, destiny whatever. Usually what they are saying about you is actually what they think about themselves. More on this in Episode 7 – People’s Opinions. Zimbabwean Dollar 2.0!

Self-control is true power.


When my body refuses to do an extra kick or crunch and I do it anyway, that carries forth into other areas of my life: my job, relationships, sports, studies, etc. When I feel like I have lost, I want to give up and all the odds are against me, I do what I need do regardless of how I prepared I am or whether I feel like it. Which is not always the most pleasant experience to say the least.

But, this is the cost that you need to pay to become the person that you want to be. A bit of discomfort is definitely worth living a bigger, better and brighter existence!

3) Everything you do is for you and you only.
What do I mean by this? The effort you put in the dojo is not for your Sensei. The amount of hours you study is not for your professor. The quality of the work you produce is not for your boss, it’s for you! All of it is for you!

The karate session will end. Your studies will end. Your job contract will run out. What happens after these things? You develop your skills and work ethic through these experiences. You are not doing it for any of these people. You are doing it for YOU, so that you become a more wholesome and stronger human being.

What you do in the dojo, at school, at work, in your home is not for sensei’s sake, your professor’s sake, your boss’ sake, nor is it for your family’s sake. IT’S FOR YOU! So don’t try to cheat other people by putting in less effort, because all you are doing is cheating yourself.

I learned this and so much more from my 30 days of Karate classes. Listen to the podcast above to learn more!

I interviewed Karate Master Iain Abernethy, author of Mental Strength: Condition Your Mind, Achieve Your Goals on my podcast a few months ago. You can listen to the episode here!

Btw! You can get the audiobook version for free using this link: www.audibletrial.com/Samotivation !!

Thank you for reading!

With Love and Respect,

Hustle Like a Refugee (Inspired by Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt) – Samotivation Podcast Episode 8

Immigrants are 3 times more likely to become millionaires than Americans are. Facts.

That’s just one of the things that I learned from Grant Cardone’s ‘Hustle Like an Immigrant’ episode (below). Grant says that immigrants are 3 times more likely to become millionaires than Americans are? I will go farther than that and say that: Refugees are 6 time more likely to become millionaires than the people whose countries they flee to, running from war, bloodshed, starvation, and poverty.

That’s right! Refugees are more likely to succeed than those living in their own countries. It seems that the most marginalized peoples and communities end up becoming the most successful, such as African Americans, Jews, Palestinians, Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Armenians, Indians, Africans, Asians, Latin Americans and other refugees and immigrants from marginalized backgrounds.

Basically, those who history has done the most damage to or attempted to erase from itself, through genocide, slavery, the pillaging of resources (both material and human) and forced migration. Those people are more likely to become millionaires when they go to a new country, than the people in that country itself are.

The immigrant/refugee mentality has made these people so successful and that is what Grant Cardone talks about in his CardoneZone episode.
More about this later and in this new episode.

Let me tell you a bit about Grant Cardone, who inspired this episode.

Grant Cardone is an NYT best-selling author, sales expert, might I say Sales GOD! , world-renowned speaker, real estate mogul and someone who made it from ZERO to almost a BILLION dollars in real estate holdings. That’s a lot of cash money!

Grant (or Uncle G as many call him) is someone that I respect a lot because of what he has been able to achieve and make out of himself despite all the odds stacked against him (losing his father at the age of 10, losing his brother 10 years later, a severe drug and alcohol addiction, being raised by a single mom and being broke and scared all the time, labeled ADD, ADHD, OCD and more. He was constantly told by ‘professionals’ and family to chill out, calm down, relax and take it easy. Sounds very familiar 😀

I’ve been told similar things: “Relax, Sami.”, “Good things take time, Sami!”, “You are too young and naive and inexperienced. Be patient.”, “You have an attitude problem. You think you are better than everybody else.” and etc. I see some things in Grant that I can relate to a lot.

To give you a sense of this guy’s mindset, let’s look at some of his book titles (You can get all of these audiobooks FOR FREE with this exclusive Samotivation link just for you! All you have to do is register for the free trial!)

– If You’re Not First, You’re Last
– Be Obsessed or Be Average
– The 10X Rule
(the basic idea of this book is that to achieve a goal, you must set it at 10X the initial goal to make it happen. 10X the goal, 10X the effort and 10X the determination will make your goal possible. What a powerful idea to live your life by!)

I learned from him that 40% of America’s most successful companies were founded by immigrants or their kids. I wonder what makes these people so successful? Why were they able to succeed against all odds and why are they more likely to become millionaires than Americans themselves are?

They don’t speak the language and when they do, they get mocked for their accent or the mistakes they make. They don’t understand the culture. They don’t know the values of the country, the roads, they have no family or friends there, they are basically going into unknown territory. How do they make it so far in life then?

He says it is because of their NEVER QUIT, NEVER COMPLAIN, NEVER WHINE, WHATEVER-IT-TAKES mentality.

I couldn’t agree more. They out-hustle locals. They do all the things that we, as locals, don’t want to do and I have seen this in Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, Canada, the US, Qatar, the UAE, Lebanon and more. They outwork us and they do bigger things than we do. Why?

To quote Meek Mill (you can play the song below!):
I’m the type to count a million cash then grind like I’m broke
That Lambo, my new bitch, she’ll ride like my Ghost
I’m ridin’ around my city with my hands strapped around my toes
‘Cause these niggas want me dead and I gotta make it back home
‘Cause my momma need that pill money and my son need some milk

For them, making money is not about proving something to somebody. It’s not about flashing a Rolex at a club or to family and friends, it’s not about pulling up in a luxury Italian car to show off, it’s not about flashy useless designer clothing. It all comes down to their thirst for survival. Making money for them is about survival. Being successful for them is being able to survive. To eat. To put bread on the table for themselves and those that they love. And they will do this at all costs. This is the refugee mentality. This is how to hustle like a refugee.

They equate achieving their goal with their survival! Let me repeat that again. They equate themselves making that goal happen with them surviving. And in many cases that is the reality. They need to make it to survive.

“My momma need that pill money and my son need some milk.” My mama back home is relying on me and what I can send her back home. My son needs some milk. What more is there to say?

Let me just say that this podcast is not about creating a distinction between a local, immigrant or refugee. This is about acquiring the refugee mindset and the edge that refugees have over all of us, regardless of where you come from: their thirst and their need to succeed at all costs. The only way to guarantee that you achieve your goals. And you don’t need to be a refugee to hustle like one. This is all about your mindset and what is takes for you to succeed: The Refugee Mindset. So hustle, like a refugee!

Hope you enjoy today’s episode!

With Love and Respect,


People’s Opinions. Zimbabwean Dollar 2.0 – Samotivation Podcast Episode 7

We all know what people’s opinions are, but what the heck is a Zimbabwean Dollar? Let me explain.

The Zimbabwean Dollar is a currency used in Zimbabwe (Mind-blowing, I know!) up until 2009, when hyperinflation caused the currency to lose value so much, that it reached denominations of up to $100 trillion (that’s 100 with 12 zeros! I just learned that!) banknotes. At the time that same $100 trillion banknote was worth just USD 0.40, which made the Zimbabwean dollar one of the lowest valued currencies in the world, until it was eventually abandoned completely. At some point, Zimbabwe’s central bank could not even afford the paper on which to print these worthless trillion-dollar notes!

Now what is the connection between this valueless currency and people’s opinions? Well.. in many cases people’s opinions are just like the Zimbabwean dollar. There is so much of them, yet most of them are not worth much. And just like some currencies are worth more than other currencies, some opinions are worth more than other opinions.

It’s also a term that I’ve adopted to describe people, places and things that are average in nature, baseless and available everywhere (i.e. nothing extraordinary), in other words there are so much of them that they hold no value, significance or importance in my life.

Picture a cliche with two legs that can walk. Sometimes that cliche can take a human form or the form of an malicious opinion or judgement that is thrown at you out of envy and a desperate cry for help and attention.

These days, it seems like EVERYONE has an opinion on EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Every person is an expert on everything and anything (or claims to be so). In the age of social media, the human ego has been magnified to unimaginable proportions. Everyone thinks their opinion is valid and important (including myself ahahah). We have so much information available at our fingertips, we are bombarded with it everywhere from every angle, advertising, social media, family, friends, enemies, that random dude that I keep on seeing in the gym who always has to comment on my squat stance, and everybody else. Everybody claims to be an expert and sometimes it is so difficult to sift through all this junk information and find the information that is true and of value to us, the information that will make our goals possible.

Jesus said that the truth will set you free (not an exact quote from the Bible, so don’t quote me on it) and I wholeheartedly agree with that sentence even outside of the realm of religions and the divine. You don’t have to delve deep into any religion to understand the truth of that statement. So what isn’t the truth (what is the opposite of truth? Falsehood? OK. Falsehood.).

Falsehood and false information will enslave you and take your liberty away. False information about life, success, health, relationships and false information about you (gossip behind your back and unwanted opinions etc.) will make you a slave to society, silly social constructs and understandings of life and other people’s drama, BS and self-imposed limitations, that they are eagerly trying to impose on you. In other words, the world has a number of Zimbabwean Dollar printers who give you the wrong information and when you reach out your hand to take dat cash money (or opinion), you become a slave to it and other people’s BS.

Zimbabwean Dollar printers?! Who are they? Haters, doubters, naysayers (which sometimes includes the people who love you the most), self-proclaimed and self-appointed experts. Let’s take a recent example.

I learned that I “have an attitude problem” and that I “think I am better than everybody else”. What’s funny about comments like these is that they usually come from behind your back. It very likely that they came from a self-proclaimed and self-appointed Sami Wehbe expert and I have met many of those. I am sure you have too. Enemies, friends, family, employers, sometimes even random people who have no significance whatsoever in your life. Sound familiar? Self-proclaimed arm-chair experts who in your entire X years of existence made a judgement about you, your capabilities and your whole life and what’s possible for you based on the the meager amount of time they have known you.

Do you want to see these people in action? I dare you to set yourself targets higher than those of the people around you and watch what happens. Work harder than everyone around you and watch what happens! You will shine so brightly that you leave the herd of Zimbabwean Dollar printers in the shadow, in the dark. Then that herd starts throwing labels at you, because that is the only thing that they can do from in the sad, dark, depressing and isolated place that they are in.

The bigger the things you do are, the more judgement and labels people throw at you. Work harder than everyone around you, set your goals higher than the people around you and suddenly you “have an attitude problem” and “think you are better than everybody else”. Ask me. This is something that I learned about myself from the self-proclaimed and self-appointed Sami Wehbe experts. Who are these people? I don’t know their names but I know exactly who they are. It starts with a big L. Can you guess the word? (LOSERS!) Lovely people, who are dissatisfied with themselves and the lives that they lead. They are people who have given up on themselves, their ambitions and the dreams that they had growing up. They are complacent people who feel threatened by those younger than them, by those with higher energy than them, by those who remind them of all the short-comings in their character and their lives. They feel threatened that someone with energy, drive and ambition much higher than they can possibly fit into their thick heads will one day take their spot, their throne, their position. If you are really all that, how can it be that you feel so easily threatened by someone with an attitude problem and an ego problem? The better question to ask is, who is the one with the ego problem in this situation? Is it the one trying to improve their life, their position, themselves? Or is it the person who feels threatened by the person with the “attitude problem”?

The quickest way to see if someone’s opinion holds any value for you is to ask yourself the question, ‘What is the intention behind this statement?’. ‘What is this person trying to do with this statement?’ ‘Are they genuinely interested in me doing well in my life or improving what I am doing or are they saying this out of envy, maliciousness, jealousy, a wish to see me fail etc.?’ If it is indeed coming out of malevolence, then you know what to do with that opinion!
Don’t take it. Don’t trade your time, efforts, thoughts for that worthless piece of **** (I mean currency!). Throw that opinion right in the trash, where it belongs (or create a podcast episode out of it, like I did!).

However, what if the opinion/criticism is coming from a place of love? The person who made that comment or has that opinion genuinely wants you to do well in your life? Well in that case, put your ego aside and analyze things objectively. Could it be that this person has a point and I should listen to what they have to say? In this case, the opinion is actually valuable (and definitely not a Zimbabwean Dollar!). Ca-ching!

Listen to this podcast episode to learn more!

Much love and respect to you all! Thank you for reading!


Analysis leads to Paralysis! – Samotivation Podcast Episode 6

How many times have you come up with the perfect plan to do something and then end up doing nothing at all because you feel paralyzed?

I have done this many times. *Sam Smith in the background* And I am sure that I am not the onlyyy oneeee! Okay, bad joke. Nevermind, moving on.

Let’s take an example. You want to lose 5 kgs, so you decide to create a plan to follow:

  1. You hit up Uncle Google (that’s what we call Google in Bulgaria hahaha). Search: “Weight loss plans” and you get millions of hits with all types of workouts (Full body workouts/Aerobic/HIT/ Cross-training) and countless types of nutrition plans (Keto, Paleo, Vegan). It confuses the F out of you! So you spend time trying to figure out which plan is the best and which diet to choose. Research. Research. Research. You ask friends and family for their opinion. You do research on which diet to go with. Just thinking about this process makes me dizzy!

2. After countless hours of trying to figure out which workout to choose, you finally decide to go with a full body workout (because that’s what 50 Cent recommends in his book Formula 50. I tried it. Didn’t like it tbh) and you pick a vegan diet (NO CHICKEN!? How will I ever survive without chicken!?)

3. And now you try to get yourself motivated. So what do you do now? I’ll tell you what to do, Comrade! Go back to Uncle Google and Google images of models and athletes with 6 packs. And with the click of a button you have access to billions of photos of steroid-infused, plastic surgeried (gotta add that one to the dictionary 😀 ), photoshopped and airbrushed ‘beautiful people’, who you aspire to be and have the same body as. For bonus points, make one of these people your desktop wallpaper!

4. Now it’s time to find a gym. And again we go back to Google. You check the location, membership costs, instructors, equipment you need. This one is cheaper than that one, but that one has better equipment and this one is closer to my house and that one is closer to McDonalds and Burger King. That’s the one I want! Done!

5. You pick the gym. Now it’s time to get gym clothes. “Which mall should I go to?” – you ask yourself. “Which shop, should I go to?”. “Gym shorts or pants?” “Nike or Adidas?” (Answer. Adidas. Because a true Slav only wears Adidas. Adidas Slav ryeprezyent.)

6. Now it’s time to go to the gym! YESSS. You made it! Give yourself a pat on the back! And now you are thinking: “But I feel so demotivated and overwhlemed! I also lost the energy and enthusiasm that I had before making this plan. I’ll just wait for myself to feel motivated again. I’m sure I’ll feel ready tomorrow. Yeah that’s right, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

7. Tomorrow swings by.. yet you don’t swing by the gym! You are too busy waiting for the perfect moment, where the conditions are perfect and your perfect self feels ready and motivated enough.

8. Many tomorrow swing by. And guess what? Your goal of losing 5kgs also swings by and you gain 5 more kgs! You don’t feel ready so you delude yourself into believing that maybe your plan is not complete so you spend even more time perfecting the workout plan and your nutrition plan. You further waste time from taking action by seeking advice/guidance/validation from people. You forget why you wanted to lose the 5gs in the first place. And what ends up happening is….
You never go to the gym.

You planned so much and did nothing. The perfect plan became the worst plan ever because it was not followed by action. However, the plan is not the problem. The problem is that by the time your plan is complete you continue to spend time on it. All of your energy goes into making a plan, as opposed to taking action and this exhausts you.

Notice how everything is about thinking, analyzing, planning and it rarely goes beyond that. It rarely goes beyond you thinking about what you need to do as opposed to actually doing it. Basically you end up bullshiting yourself that you are taking action. You confuse your thinking for action. And thinking gets you nowhere unless it is followed by action. So think less. Do more. Just DO IT.

Time and energy wasted with no results.

It’s like when you call up a bank and go through the ridiculous process of automated phone menus and get directed to Ms. Robot for the sake of stupid corporate efficiency.


“For English Press 1. For Arabic Press 2.”
*presses 1*
“For phone banking, press 1.”
“For loans, press 2.”
“For mortgage, press 3.”
“For credit cards, press 4.”
“For bank working hours, press 5.”
“For BULLSHIT, press 6.
*presses 6*

*OMG!? Can I talk to an actual person, please!?* – you think to yourself.
“If you are a customer at this bank, press 1. If you are not a customer, then do not call this number ever again, you traitor! *Huh? Wtf!? Presses 1*
“To connect to a representative, press 1.” *Presses 1*
“To talk to a representative about the weather, press 1.”
“To talk to them about your non-existent finances or love life, press 2.”
“To talk to them about celebrity gossip and BS, press 3.”
“To finally talk about your credit card, press 4”. *presses 4*
*Call gets disconnected.*

*throws phone in anger and gets nothing done!*

Today’s episode is about why analysis leads to paralysis and why plans are only that. Be sure to check out Samotivation on Facebook and Instagram!

Guess who’s back? Samotivation’s back! Tell a friend. Samotivation Podcast Episode 5.

Sami, why didn’t you release any new episodes!?? Because I needed some time to rethink Samotivation and what direction I want to take it in (and also because I’ve been traveling all over the place and carrying a half kilo mic is not the smartest thing to do!) But now… I am back.. STRONGER and BETTER than ever!

If you want to improve the quality of your life, staying committed is key. That’s something that I have not been doing lately. This is why I have decided to release an unedited, unfiltered and unscripted 15 minute Samotivation Podcast episode EVERY. SINGLE. SUNDAY. Enjoy this new episode!

Love, Sex and Relationships: The “Secret” behind it all! – Exclusive Interview with Dating Coach and Human Dynamics Expert Harvey Hooke – Episode 4

Friendzoned. Heartbroken. Rejected. Hurt. I lived a great part of my life like that. Stuck in a series of unfulfilling relationships, where I was not given the love and understanding that I wanted. Chasing after girls. And getting nothing out of it. Basing my fragile confidence and attractiveness based on the results of those meaningless pursuits.

At the time, I did not understand the art of attracting women because I was too busy chasing them. And when I got rejected or hurt: I blamed myself. I thought that there was something wrong with me: that I was not good enough, attractive enough and that I was being “too nice” and etc. And like many guys, I was told things like “Sami, you are just too nice.”, “I only see you as a friend.” and the list goes on and on and on. Can you relate?

Experiences like high school and university only validated those ideas for me and I turned from super nice guy to super jerk. It seemed like girls always went after the guy that treated them like shit. So that’s what I began doing and results started to come in. How did that song go? “Nice guys finish last, that’s why I’ll treat you like trash.”? I look back on that and laugh, but it worked at the time for reasons I understand only know. Continue reading to find out why!

You need to treat girls badly for them to be attracted to you? Nonsense.

But at some point, it made a lot of sense. I always saw the jerk with the super kind girl. The so-called “nice” guy is not in the picture at all. The nice guy is friendzoned and rejected left and right, for what seems like his kindness. However, that is not true. He is not rejected for being kind.

Do women like being treated badly? Of course, not. No stable and sane human being would tolerate that behavior. But women like to be challenged (that’s what flirting is after all) and know that they are with a mentally strong man that is sure of himself and knows what he is doing. The jerk gives off that vibe, even though all he is doing in reality is masking his own worthlessness and self-doubt with his ego.

Broken people attract broken people. The nice girl is with the jerk, because on some level she feels that she deserves that type of abusive treatment and that she is not good enough for someone better. So these two broken people attract one another, while confused and bitter Mr. Friendzone does not have his priorities straight. He chases women and ends up scaring them away instead. He bases his self-worth on someone else and then scratches his head in frustration, when he doesn’t get the girl, while the jerk does.

What do you think this means?

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I was Mr. Friendzone.. until I decided to stop chasing after women and actually work on becoming the best version of myself possible. At the time, I had gotten out of a really meaningless relationship, where my feelings were not given much consideration nor importance. So I decided to end it and lay off chasing women for a while and focus on myself instead.

I started working out more, reading more and really pushing myself out of my self-imposed comfort zone (I CLIMBED FRIGGIN’ KILIMANJARO!) That’s when things really began to change and I attracted the people and relationships that I really grew from. Low-quality people began to leave my life and I realized that I didn’t have to change my personality or who I am for other people. And if I did have to change for those people, then they were not worth my time, my body, nor my attention.

And this is exactly what I enjoyed so much about my call with Dating Expert Harvey Hooke. I thought we would talk about love, sex and relationships, but we never talked about any of that! We ended up talking about how to become the most authentic and awesome version of yourself. How to really connect with yourself and change your limited and negative perception that you have of yourself to become the most attractive person in the room. And that is the key to attracting people!

Check out Samotivation Podcast, Episode 4 with Dating Coach Harvey Hooke! I am sure that you will enjoy it (warning there are lots of F-bombs being thrown left and right. If you are not comfortable with that, give it a miss.)

How a “Liability” Became an “Asset” – Mohamed Al Balushi – SP003-Samotivation Podcast Episode 3

For the very first time, I did a LIVE Samotivation Video Podcast on Instagram with my dear friend, Mohamed Al Balushi!
Mohamed was judged and mocked for being 132kg and overweight at the gym. He failed 5 courses and was told that he was a “LIABILITY to the image of the Petroleum Engineering program” at Texas A&M University at Qatar.

All the odds were against him. Yet, he proved everyone wrong. He lost 56kg and is now at a healthy weight of 76kgs, fit, healthy, successful and ambitious and graduating in just a few weeks time with a Petroleum Engineering degree from Texas A&M University at Qatar!
Guess he wasn’t a liability after all!

Samotivation Podcast – Episode 3 – How a Liability Became an Asset. This was the first time, I made the podcast live, uncut and on video and I am proud to have done so with Mohamed Al Balushi. Congratulations and best of luck with your journey my brother!

“Your comfort zone has been lying to you your entire life!” Exclusive Interview with Karate Master Iain Abernethy – Episode 2

The land of unlimited opportunity is not a country or geographical region.

The land of unlimited opportunity does not require a visa.

The land of unlimited opportunity does not need a plane ticket.


It is much closer than you think.

The question is…

Do YOU have what it takes to get there?

Today’s guest on the show, Karate Master and Author of Mental Strength: Condition Your Mind, Achieve Your Goals, Sensei Iain Abernethy (the BIG BUFF Scottish dude with the charming smile on the top pic above!) will show you exactly where that land is and how you can get there!

Source: http://ohiobusinesscollege.edu/blog/comfort-zones-and-career-success/

The land of unlimited opportunity is RIGHT THERE in your face.  EVERY.  SINGLE. DAY.

It looks you square in the eye. Whispering tales of success, glory, happiness, health, confidence and fulfillment into your ear.

Only.. you refuse to listen. You tell the voice to keep quiet. Shut up.

Any time, it tries to take you by the hand and lead you to a better life, you cross your arms and ignore the hand it extends to you.

I don’t want to move to this land. I am perfectly fine where I am. I don’t want to get up.

Where is this land and how do I get there, you ask?

All you have to do is just take a few steps outside your comfort zone.

This week’s episode is about the comfort zone and how the life of your dreams is only a few steps outside of it.

But let me tell you something, first.

You comfort zone has been lying to you your entire life.. instilling you with fear, doubt and insecurity.

You thought politicians were thieves, huh?!

I hate to burst your bubble… but your comfort zone is the biggest liar out there.

Your comfort zone is a LIAR.  The BIGGEST LIAR OUT THERE. Bigger than any politician or thief (very often it’s the same thing 😀 )

Now, let me tell you a secret…

You can use the lies your comfort zone tells you to bring you closer to your goals…

Source: www.Forbes.com

Getting out of the comfort zone will bring you the life and confidence you desire. Guaranteed.

On today’s show, we are joined by Karate Master and author of “Mental Strength” Sensei Iain Abernethy, who will show you EXACTLY how to do that.

To live the life of your dreams, you are going to need a lot of mental strength. If you want to develop the mental strength you need to reach new heights in your life, then Sensei Iain Abernethy’s book, Mental Strength is THE book for you!

Just click the picture below to get the book!

Make sure to like Sensei Iain Abernethy on Facebook and be sure to visit his website!